Advanced Comic Book Format Wiki

ACBF Editor is an editor capable of creating CBZ archives with ACBF files inside. It is written in Python programming language. Currently there's version for Linux. It is distributed under GNU GPL version 3.

ACBF Editor can open ACBF, CBZ, CBR and ACV comic book file formats. Different kinds of metadata based on ACBF specifications can be populated/edited as well as with graphical frame editor user can draw (add) frames/panels definitions. Comic book then can be saved into CBZ archive which will have .acbf file with metadata inside.


ACBF Editor uses/depends on following libraries:

  • GTK (pygtk) to draw user interface
  • lxml (python-lxml) to work with XML files
  • Python Imaging Library (PIL) to work with images

Download and Installation[]


Ubuntu PPA repository[]

The easiest way to install and receive automatic updates is to add ACBF PPA (Personal Package Archive) repository to your system. ACBF PPA repository is located at:

To add this repository to your system run:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:acbf-development-team/acbf
sudo apt-get update

... and now you can install ACBF Editor deb package:

sudo apt-get install acbf-editor

Installation from source[]

You will need to install required libraries first:

sudo apt-get install python-lxml python-imaging

Download and extract linux source package (for example ACBFEditor-0.5_linux.tar.gz) from project page at: Then navigate to the directory where you extracted it and run:

sudo ./ install

After install finishes properly you should be able to find ACBF Editor in Applications Launcher.

To uninstall run:

sudo ./ uninstall


No installation is needed for Windows version. Just download the windows ACBF Editor package (e.g. from, extract it and run acbfe.exe.

Command Line support[]

ACBF Editor supports command line processing. Available options can be found by running:

acbfe --help

To convert CBR to CBZ file, you can run:

acbfe -i comic_book.cbr -o comic_book.cbz

To convert page images to WebP format with 91% quality run:

acbfe -i comic_book.cbz -o comic_book_out.cbz -f WEBP -q 91

Available formats for target image are: JPG, PNG, GIF, WEBP, BMP.

To resize/shrink page images to max. 200x200 pixels with NEAREST resize filter run:

acbfe -i comic_book.cbz -o comic_book_out.cbz -r 200x200\> -l NEAREST

Note the ">" flag needs to be escaped. Available resize filters are: NEAREST (fastest), BILINEAR, BICUBIC, ANTIALIAS (best quality).

To export text layer to underlying JPG files run:

acbfe -i comic_book.cbz -o comic_book_out.cbz -f JPG -t sk


When in Frames/Text-Layers Editor window hit F1 key to see list of available short-cuts. Among others, there are shortcuts for deleting a page, enclosing drawn rectangle and auto-detect frames/panels and text bubbles.

Pressing CTRL + E (emphasis) or CTRL + S (strong) in text-area editor window will insert start and ending tags into text. If some text is selected, it will insert these tags before and after the selection.

How to tutorials[]

Following tutorials show how to use ACBF Editor to add ACBF metadata to comic book archive to use them in ACBF Viewer library or view comic books zoomed to frames/panels:

ACBF Editor - Creating Metadata

ACBF Editor - Creating Panels

ACBF Editor - Creating Table of Contents

ACBF Editor - Creating Text Layers