ACBF Viewer for Android is a port of ACBF Viewer to Android platform. It is written in python and using Kivy framework to handle user interface.

It is capable of displaying comic books in 3 viewing modes:

  • whole page where user can freely move the image and zoom in and out
  • zoom to page width
  • zoom on a certain frame/comic book panel

App does animated move between comic book panels, smooth scrolling and fade out/blend effects on page turning. If text layers are present in comic file, user can switch between them and read comic in particular language.

Comic book library can be populated by comic books from defined folder (including subfolders). Metadata from comic books can be viewed there.

Supported FormatsEdit

Comicbook FormatsEdit

ACBF Viewer for Android can read following comic book formats:

  • CBZ (ZIP)
  • ACV (Droid Comic Viewer format)
  • CBR (RAR)

From comic book archives besides ACBF metadata (*.acbf file) it can also read Droid Comic Viewer metadata including panel definitions (*.ACV file) and ComickRack metadata (ComicInfo.xml).

Image FormatsEdit

ACBF Viewer support following image formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • WebP

Download and Installation Edit

Latest apk file can be downloaded from project page at or to support the project you can buy this App on Google Play Store from where you'll receive automatic updates when there's new version.

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