is a spreadsheet document that can be used to create ACBF metadata XML files for comic books easily.Currently there are versions for MS Excell (comics.xlsx) and GNOME Office/Gnumeric (comics.gnumeric). You can find both in project repository at launchpad:

Spreadsheet DescriptionEdit

Spreadsheet contains in sheet1 list of comic books. For each comic book various meta-data can be filled in, like title, writer, artist, characters, genres, publisher etc. After you fill in those fields, XML structure of ACBF comic book is automatically calculated in the last field called XML. Then, to create a comic book, you just need to copy this last field and insert it into a *.acbf file which you include into CBZ archive.

Some RulesEdit

Following are some rules how to fill in the fields:

  • All fields except title, coverpage and pages are optional. So you don't have to fill all fields for each comic book.
  • Fields Writer, Adapter, Artist, Letterer, Colorist, Characters, Genres and Pages may contain more then one entry, for example you put "Leo Patterson,Tommy Patterson,Greta" in Characters field. Comma (without spaces before or after) serves as a delimiter.
  • Fields Writer, Adapter, Artist, Letterer and Colorist contain names. These names have to be in a form "first_name last_name". Note the space between first name and last name. Middle name is not supported in this spreadsheet, therefore you have to add it manually into the resulting XML file afterwards.
  • Field Pages contains a list of comic book pages (except coverpage which has it's own dedicated filed). Every page is delimited by comma. You may use sheet2 (Pages) to help you calculate the whole string to put here.
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