Following describes Advanced Comic Book Format specifications. Current released version is 1.1, proposed changes for version 1.2 are highlighted./new in 1.2/

Data section contains a list of binary data. Currently only images are used but different kind of binary data may be put in here.

Binary Edit

Binary element contains binary data (images, fonts or possibly other binary data) converted to BASE64.

Occurrence: mandatory, at least one binary element must be present

Binary element has two mandatory attributes: id and content-type. Id uniquely defines particular element (usually image file-name). Content-type indicates the Internet media type of the element content, consisting of a type and subtype.

   <binary id="cover.jpg" content-type="image/jpeg">BASE64string</binary>
   <binary id="DejaVuSans.ttf" content-type="application/font-sfnt">BASE64string</binary>
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