Following describes Advanced Comic Book Format specifications. Current released version is 1.1, proposed changes for version 1.2 are highlighted./new in 1.2/

References section contains list of references that occurred inside the main document body. This section is optional.

Reference Edit

Defines particular reference.

Occurrence: mandatory

It has one mandatory attribute id which uniquely identifies this reference in the document.

Can have an attribute lang/new in 1.2/ which defines language used in order to differentiate between selected text-layers. The value is ISO 639-1 language code.

    <reference id="ref_001" lang="en">
    <reference id="ref_001" lang="sk">

P Edit

Reference contains paragraphs.

Occurrence: mandatory, at least one paragraph must be defined

P element can have several child elements (see definition of P element under text-area).

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